Saturday, 13 October 2018, ora 10:00 - Sunday, 14 October 2018, ora 10:00

Cluj-Napoca, România

Evenimentul s-a încheiat.

Étudiants ! Étudiantes ! 
Bienvenue à la première édition des Games of Cluj 
Préparez vos chaussures, formez vos équipes et direction: stade de Baciu!  

Intégration, fun, compétition, rencontres, et OPEN BAR sont au programme. 

Rendez-vous le 13 octobre pour ce week-end d’intégration. 

Hey students ! 
Welcome to the first edition of the Games of Cluj 

Take off your lab coat and put on your shoes, prepare your team and let’s go to the Baciu stadium!

Integration, fun, challenge, and meeting other students are the goals of this event  Also, an OPEN BAR is waiting for you.

We invite you to join the french section the 13th october to begin this year together 

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