Tuesday, 27 August 2019, 13:30

Barcelona, Spania

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* probably the biggest real life game in a moving train (train tickets are included)
* a spy mission with over 4 hours of adventure, beginning and ending in Barcelona
* a hand-crafted mix of real life escape rooms, amazing races, treasure hunt, urban challenges and live show
* 2 cities, 2 trains and lots of fun

100% secure online payment - train tickets included!


Adult - 69 euro pp
Children <10 - 10 euro pp
Young adults, 10 to 17 years - 39 euro pp

Special offers:
Couple/Partners: 2 adults - 99 euro
Family pack (2+2) - 149 euro

PS. Additional Info:
* A complete experience: we start the mission in Barcelona, take a train trip, discover an urban game in Tarragona and finish the story on the train back to Barcelona - everything under the umbrella of a spy game.
* A team is made up of 4-8 people and teams of 1-3 participants will be joined by other teams;
* Persons under 18 will be teamed with at least one adult
* Registration ends 2 days before each event
* For further questions whatsapp the office at +40753110068

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08014 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spania


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